PART I: Beginner’s Roadmap for DIY moving your blog from to a self-hosted site

Having recently made the switch to a self hosted site from a wordpress free site I wish I had this information to hand before I did it! If you are thinking of switching over then I would encourage you to do it sooner rather than later – you might loose some followers but at least the new ones will be following you to the right place!

I’d also recommend that you bookmark this article and read it thoroughly as you make the changes. It’s the best I’ve found to date! x

Phoenix Restoration

Hi friends!

Are you confused reading this? As of the date of this post, when you look up at my URL, you still see “” – the signature of a free WordPress blog. Well, get ready because changes are coming. At least I hope they are. This project is so overwhelming that I thought it would be good to start blogging about it in bits and pieces to help me keep track of what I’m learning. I also thought that if I post something about it, well then, I have to follow through, as I am now accountable to all of you. Last night, the night before, the night before that, and the many nights before that, I almost threw in the towel on the project – so this is me – committing to getting it done!

In addition to appointing you, my fellow furniture fanatics, as accountability partners for this…

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