Sorry, it’s sold!

I hate having to tell people that the piece they are asking about has been sold already. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE it when someone sees beauty in a piece I’ve worked on, and it’s FANTASTIC when they love it enough to buy it. But when someone calls or emails to ask if we still have that stunning chest of drawers or really pretty side table and I have to say no, I can feel their disappointment!

It’s not even like we can reproduce any of our pieces. They are almost always second hand, found at auctions and second hand shops, and each piece seems to suggest it’s own colours and finishes. Just because it worked on one oak table doesn’t necessarily mean it will work on the next!

Now, I’m not telling you this to encourage you to buy it when you see it (although if it is beautiful, functional and affordable then I don’t see why you wouldn’t!) but because the following photos are of pieces we have worked on in the last few months before I started this blog.  Unfortunately we only took the photos for our own records so they aren’t quite as ‘arty’ as we’d like, but hopefully you will get the idea.

As always I’d love to hear your opinions on our choices of colours or how we’ve finished the pieces. Just leave a comment – I promise to read every one!

Painted Dolly Pegs
One of our best sellers! Funky, hand-painted Dolly Pegs.

These painted dolly pegs make a lovely spring time display. Sadly our supply of these dried up and, until we find them cheap enough, we have sold all but one set!

Pallet wood table
Pallet wood table

This table was great fun to work on and taught me lots about using an angle grinder to sand and shape. Watch out for a tutorial on making one of these sometime soon!

Orange & Green Cabinet

The orange under green combination used on this wheeled cabinet works so well I always want to keep whatever we’ve painted with it!

Drop leaf table
A new twist on an old table

This old barley twist table was one of the first pieces Mark painted – it took me a few months to convert him from ‘You can’t paint oak’ to ‘what colour shall we do this?’ LOL!

So what do you think? Too wild or not wild enough? It’s sometimes hard to judge between what we’d love to do and what we’re pretty sure will sell but sometimes what we love sells and that’s what makes us really happy!

Thanks for reading,

Nikki x

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